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Paramount Roofing is dedicated in educating Ohio residents on vinyl siding and other siding for your Ohio home. Please come back to visit as we add new articles on a weekly basis. If you would like to join our newsletter, please sign up here.

Pros and Cons of Columbus Vinyl Sidings - Vinyl siding is an additional coating placed in walls to shield it against unwanted elements that may cause deterioration. That’s because these sidings help prevent the development of moisture in walls which is the primary reason for the appearance of molds, bacteria and other contaminants. Read More

How to Choose a Hilliard Vinyl Siding Contractor - You've made the decision to install vinyl siding on your Hillard house. You've either been in a cycle of painting, or have just made the decision to make your house maintenance free once and for all, what are some tips to ensure you'll choose the right contractor and receive the best looking and best lasting job possible? Read More

Pickerington Vinyl Siding - The Popular Choice - Many people these days are reinvesting in their homes by remodeling or renovating them. A great way to add lasting beauty and gain curb appeal, is to rework or redo the exterior of the house. There are literally hundreds of options... Read More

Vinyl Siding Benefits for Winchester Homes - Vinyl siding in Winchester when properly installed can be a great investment for your home. Qualified Remodeler magazine has called vinyl siding one of the best money making home improvements for years in their cost versus value reports.Read More

The Importance Of Vinyl Siding- Vinyl Siding is to a house as skin is to the human body. Siding protects the house against the elements and pests. It helps prevent moisture penetration and the growth of biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites and bacteria. Read More

Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Clean- Wash vinyl siding with a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled, soft bristle brush. For textured surfaces, use only a soft bristle brush to avoid smearing stains into the grooves of the texture. To prevent streaking from soap and water running down the house during cleaning, start at the bottom of the wall and work up. Rinse the cleaning solution with water before it dries. If your home has brick facing, cover the brick so that it is not affected by the runoff. Read More

Working With Vinyl Siding Contractors- As far as disrupting your daily routine, installing new siding is about the least obtrusive venture a homeowner can undertake. The material is thin and won't take up much space in the yard, its installation does not carry with it any noxious chemicals or messy substances, and it can be installed one wall at a time. Plus its application is very fast, and can sometimes be as fast as a day depending on the size of the crew and the house. Read More

article Caring For Your Vinyl Siding - A low maintenance and durable material, vinyl siding is an increasingly popular home exterior. Even though it is a low maintenance material, you will still want to clean your vinyl siding from time to time. Just make sure you know about the best cleaning methods before you get started. Read More

article Vinyl Siding Cost - It is the best of all siding materials in most aspects. It enhances the appearance of home, ensures protection, and increases the resale value. One of the most important features is that it is cost-effective, and even the superior qualities are relatively inexpensive. Read More

article 4 Signs That It's Time to Call Your Columbus Siding Contractor - Hiring a professional siding contractor to replace your siding can dramatically increase the value of your home. On the other hand, failing to call a contractor when siding replacement is needed can eventually lead to serious damage to your Columbus home or business. Read More

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"Jess was well above board. Took the time that was needed to go over all concerns and had an interest in what the owner was trying to do…..everyone worked well with each other. The copper work was the best way to address those problems around the window and chimney. A real nice look"

Gary D.
Hilliard, Ohio


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