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Roofing Options Continued

We previously explored roofing options such as asphalt shingle and ceramic tile, weighing the pros and cons of each. Considering the importance of a well-functioning roof, we will continue the discussion of roofing options here.

Wood shingle is a relatively inexpensive option for roofing. First it might be helpful to distinguish the difference between shakes and shingles.

A shingle is cut with a saw, and has a smoother finish than a shake. Shakes are split, and the wood is more rippled. The rippling in shakes actually encourages water to run down them quickly.

Most often, cedar is the wood of choice for shakes or shingles. This is due to a naturally occurring oil in the wood that discourages rot and bugs, making it far longer lasting than other woods. Shingles and shakes can both be applied over old asphalt or cedar shingles. Shakes require an open sheathing underneath them, so that air can flow and dry any dampness in the shakes themselves. Because of their irregular surface, it is recommended that shakes be layered with a course of felt material, and on solid sheathing, which will fill in any gaps and completely weather-proof.

The only major con to shakes or shingles is that they are not fire-proof. Also, the water collected off them is undrinkable for up to 6 years because of the same volatile oil that deters bugs and rot. After six years, however, it is usable water. Cedar shakes or shingles can last up to 25 years.

Slate is another interesting, and very attractive, option for roofing. Slate's biggest downfall is its high expense. However it is extremely long lasting-a 100 year old slate roof is not uncommon. It is also fire-proof, rot-proof, and a very low maintenance roofing material in general, resistant to acid rain and fading. Also, because it is also all natural, collecting water from your slate roof is very viable.

Metal roofing is probably the most light-weight roofing option. The cost of metal roofing is moderate, about mid-range compared to the other options discussed. It can easily be installed on top of older roofing, and is known for being very low maintenance. Modern metal roofing is usually made of aluminum or a steel alloy. It is then coated with a rust-resistant coating, available in a variety of nice colors. The biggest caution is that this coating is not scraped off during the installation of your Canal Winchester metal roof.

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