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Remodeling Your Columbus Home For Resale

It is true that remodeled kitchens provide a good return when selling your Columbus home, but such a project is very involved, costly, and often a headache. Instead of a complete overhaul, give your kitchen a fresh appearance by installing new appliances and replacing outdated cabinet hardware with trendy pieces.

Another simple improvement to your kitchen includes changing faucets and light fixtures. Freshen up bathrooms in the same manner as the kitchen. Change hardware pieces such as faucets, towel bars, soap dishes, as well as light fixtures. Also think about updating your mirror and other accessories in the room such as shower curtain, wall hangings, and towels.

Fixing up the Columbus yard will add significant curb appeal and is one of the most worthwhile improvements you can do for your home. Curb appeal refers to the view of your home from the street. Because the outside of your house is the first thing the buyer sees, the yard and entry leave a strong impression and help the buyer decide whether they even want to see the rest of the house.

So go out to your curb and look at your house; does it look nice? Can you even see it? If you have large trees or shrubs that cover the majority of the house, cut them back or get rid of them to increase your curb appeal. Make sure the yard is neat and trimmed and for a small investment you can put together a beautiful flower bed or adorn the entry with beautiful potted arrangements.

Also, consider improving the entry way by installing new trendy porch lights and a new mailbox. If necessary, give your Columbus home a fresh coat of paint. All of these improvements are relatively inexpensive but make a big difference when it comes to selling your home.

When it comes to carpet, first check to see if there are hardwood floors underneath by lifting up a corner in a closet. If there are hardwood floors, just have the carpets well cleaned and advertise that there are original hardwood floors.

More buyers are attracted to wood floors these days. If there is not wood below and the carpets are old, have the carpets replaced. New carpets give your home both the smell and look of newness.

Seriously consider painting the entire interior of your Columbus home, especially if it hasn't been done in a while. When you are repainting, choose light neutral colors. Although dark or bright colors may be trendy and look nice, they limit the buyers' ability to picture the home as their own. A light and neutral color will clean up the walls without turning off any customer.

Although you may love your neon beer sign in your living room, some buyers may not and can be turned off by such personal items. Try to make your house more generic and hide your quirky belongings; try to make it look like a model home. It helps the buyer picture their own belongings on the wall.

Keep your house clean. This costs nothing but makes all the difference. No one wants to pay a good price for a cluttered and dirty house. If you are a pack rat, now is the time to change the habit and throw it all away or invest in a storage unit to place all your junk. Avoid a cluttered look and make sure everything has a place and is put away.

These small improvements will make a big difference and will give you the best opportunity to sell your home quickly and for the best price.

A good looking home can fetch you a good price. You could give your kitchen a fresh appearance by replacing outdated cabinet hardware without spending too much on complete kitchen remodeling Sarasota homes can look renovated with simple ideas too. Visit

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"Just a note to let you and your crew know that they did a good job. I appreciate the way they kept me advised of the job progress by using the door hanger.  You need to be commended for the effort you put into Customer Service Something that is hard to find nowadays"

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