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Paramount Roofing is dedicated in educating Ohio residents on home remodeling and renovations for your Ohio home. Please come back to visit as we add new articles on a weekly basis. If you would like to join our newsletter, please sign up here.

Columbus Roofer Three Things To Check When Hiring A Contractor - Roofing your Ohio home or business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Roofing is the first line of defense against the elements. Read More

Columbus Roofer Let There Be Light (in a Weekend Morning) - If you’re a homeowner with an area in your home that needs more natural light -- say a hallway, laundry room, closet, or a windowless bath, an easy-to-install skylight could be the answer. And if you’re one of the millions of handy do-it-yourselfers in America, you can handle the installation in a weekend morning. But, if you’re a little wary of cutting a hole in your perfectly good roof yourself, a reasonably priced installation by a professional can be easily arranged. Either way, you gain more natural light and a lower power bill.  Read More

Columbus Roofer A Guide To Skylights Vinyl Windows - Skylights vinyl windows are a familiar architectural sight in most modern day homes. They are usually situated in smaller rooms that don't have a lot of light because of a need for privacy (such as a bedroom or bathroom) or in larger rooms that are leant a sense of majesty from having the sunlight pour in through a vast gap in the roof.  Read More

Columbus Roofer Four Advantages to Installing Skylights in Your Home - Skylights are increasingly common in new homes today. Skylights are not only practical, they're beautiful too. Few things compare to natural sunlight streaming into your home. Natural sunlight helps to regulate the body's circadian rhythm, inducing better night time sleep and staving off the "blues" in the winter.  Read More

Columbus Roofer Skylight Windows - A skylight window is not a skylight in the strictest sense of the word. It is usually a large window in a loft space or in a similar place. These windows are very effective when they are overlooking a writing desk and in places where good lighting is a standard requirement.  Read More

Columbus Roofer Remodeling Your Columbus Home For Resale - It is true that remodeled kitchens provide a good return when selling your Columbus home, but such a project is very involved, costly, and often a headache. Instead of a complete overhaul, give your kitchen a fresh appearance by installing new appliances and replacing outdated cabinet hardware with trendy pieces.  Read More

Columbus Roofer Home Improvement Best Left to Professionals - Many people have been there. A household project or chore has gotten way out of hand as we tried to save some money and did the project without professional assistance. Professional work, of course, is almost always going to leave the project looking much better than any amateur or homeowner could leave it. Read More

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Client Thoughts

"Jess was well above board. Took the time that was needed to go over all concerns and had an interest in what the owner was trying to do…..everyone worked well with each other. The copper work was the best way to address those problems around the window and chimney. A real nice look"

Gary D.
Hilliard, Ohio


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